AI Engineer – Seller Center

Ngày đăng tuyển: 05/10/2020 Về trang chủ Tuyển Dụng


At TIKI, Technology is the power for us to grow. We have built systems to run our business process. We have transformed manual processes to digital processes as much as possible. But only AI/Machine Learning can help us to solve the bottleneck of humans to keep up with the growth of business at large scale. AI/Machine Learning engineers have responsibilities in building systems to solve many hard problems automatically, creating amazing efficiency for the business. We are using AI/Machine Learning to solve these problems:

  • Ensure the good quality of the million products
  • Determine the best price of each product to optimize the profit and loss in sales
  • Detect the duplication in million products when a seller creates a new product
  • Rank sellers and products

We are looking for talented AI/Machine Learning engineers who’d love to not only research but also build a real product to help TIKI grow faster and bigger. You will join in exciting projects like:

  • Use AI to make the entire product approval flow automatic. Currently, this process is run manually by dozens of content editors with very limited performance
  • Build the Buybox system to determine the best seller for each product
  • Build a price system to determine the best price of each product


  • Bachelor degree in computer science
  • Good at problem-solving
  • Good knowledge of statistics, linear algebra, and algorithms
  • Proficient in MySQL
  • Experience with Machine Learning or Deep Learning algorithms (Regression algorithms,SVM, DNN, RNN...)
  • Experience with at least one of the following languages: C++, Python, Java



Inside our engineering team:

  • We iterate constantly. There's no such thing as the best version of anything, just a constant streams of improvements and tests.
  • We move fast, really fast. Major changes can be executed in a few days, many times just a few hours.
  • We have a data-informed mindset. We try to use data to inform our decision as much as possible.
  • We are independent. Most of the time, your team will not need technical assistance from other teams.
  • We take risks. We're not afraid to challenge "best practices".

Our attractive offers include:

  • Open communication with passionate and experienced members.
  • Challenging working environment.
  • Easy access to the library with tons of startup, product, UX, coding... books.
  • Private healthcare insurance.
  • Annual health check-ups.
  • Special internal programs for Tikiers when shopping on (free ship TikiNow service, discount...).
  • New & beautiful office with a pantry room (with bar), entertainment & gymnastic equipment, yoga rooms, a library and an open space facilitating cross-department communication.
  • Competitive salary and performance review, 13th-month pay based on performance.