Job Description

Roles & Responsibilities: 

- Build marketing strategies for Tini App to introduce the concept of mini apps on Tiki to brands and end-users, create interest and trigger the desire to try this exciting new trend. Execute the above strategies to achieve the expected results from higher management.

- Initiate campaigns & regular activities to maintain people’s interest in Tini App as well as loyalty in the long term. This includes joining Tiki’s umbrella campaigns and organizing Tini App’s own campaigns to achieve the best possible results. 

- Identify room for improvement for existing mini apps on Tiki, support and guide the existing apps in terms of UX/UI, marketing, pricing and campaign strategies to achieve better performance on Tini App. Similarly, suggest strategies for mini apps that plan to onboard soon. 

- Enhance the engagement between Tiki users and Tini App, convert users to customers, retain existing customers and bring in new customers. 

- Analyze data on a regular basis and give recommendations to improve the overall business performance of mini apps. 

- Forecast and provide reports on the strategies and campaigns executed and action plan for improvement in the future. 

- Collaborate with other functions within Tiki to execute Tini App’s strategies. Support colleagues & participate in team activities to achieve the overall goals of Tini App team. 


- 4+ years of experiences in e-commerce and/or mobile app marketing.

- Possess strong background in e-commerce marketplaces and/or mobile appstores; able to identify key product trends, industry best practices, brands’ major pain points in digital space. 

- Familiar with mobile app market and mini app concept. Possess basic knowledge about mobile app UX/UI.

- Strong understanding of digital marketing and e-commerce marketing. 

- Data driven, strong execution, good communication, collaborative, and time management skills; comfortable working in a fast-paced and dynamic environment.

- Possess an entrepreneurial mindset, high commitment, continuous learning and curiosity mentality. Willing to fail and try again while remaining high-spirited. 

- Proficient in English and native Vietnamese language

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Salary: Negotiable

Location: Hồ Chí Minh

Team: TIKI Open Platform - Business

Application deadline: 12/05 — 30/06/2022