(Senior) Growth Analyst

Ngày đăng tuyển: 18/08/2020 Về trang chủ Tuyển Dụng


This is a position that can:

  • Drive business forward with tough discipline and dictate the decision with strong data-driven reasoning
  • Be translated into multi-million US dollar impacts on the company
  • Help leaders drive business with informed decisions with automated bots/reports

Key/Core responsibilities:

  • Assist with developing problem statement to define the goal for customer experience
  • Identify key consumer insight and collaborate with Business & Product team to design customer experience or program that can amplify what customers love and remove the frictions customers hate
  • Generate ideas for new growth opportunities, design testing experiments, collaborate with broader department to implement the experiments, analyze the results, and initiate next steps as a tight feedback loop with discipline.
  • Add financial value to the company by identifying the recommended initiatives that positively and materially impact in the financial results of the company.


  • 2-4 years of experience in Finance, Auditor, Project Management, Management Accountant, Analyst or related field required
  • Ability to work cross-functionally to drive strategic initiatives and improve processes
  • Proficient in Excel is a must
  • Knowledge of SQL is preferable

If you are interested in this position
Please submit online application form via this link . Thank you .