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At Tikinow Smart Logistics (TNSL), we believe in growing a sustainable business with strong fundamentals. It means acquiring new customers not just based on promotion but also on excellent customer service. In the backend, it means aiming for efficiency and optimization in Supply Chain, Warehouse and Cost management. Together with a strong team, solid IT solutions are the key to enable all of those.

As a member of the Fulfillment team, you will work on various solutions that manage our entire fleet of warehouses. At the same time, we also build our Fulfillment by Tiki system to track all order processing or need to be fulfilled to optimize the operation flow. All of those will ensure that our orders are processed and delivered to customers with a very short lead time and optimal cost. This is a key differentiation that helps Tiki to survive and grow fast in a tough market like Vietnamese e-commerce. In more details, Together, We will:

  • Work with Product Owner and software engineers to understand the requirements and constraints in order to design the architect and lead the implementation for new systems with scalability, reliability and high-performance target in mind.
  • Work with software engineers and Infrastructure team to monitor and continuously optimize performance of existing systems.
  • Provide coaching for software engineers in the team, foster strong engineering processes (code review, automation testing, CI/CD, monitoring & alert escalation ...) and contribute to the hiring process for future talents.
  • Collaborate with a team working on new problems involving Machine Learning/AI such as Demand Forecasting, Path Finding and more.

We have a strong team with a diversified background and a keen interest in being the best in e-commerce. You will gain more domain knowledge in what probably is one of the hottest IT sectors right now and have chances to encounter and make an impact at large scale. This might be a career building opportunity for you.


  • 3+ years of back-end experience.
  • Strong programming experience and understanding of full software development life-cycle.
  • Strong programming experience in Java and/or Golang (is a plus).
  • Deep understanding of good software design patterns mixed with a healthy passion for refactoring and keeping things simple.
  • Knowledge about Kafka, RabbitMQ, Redis, RESTful API, Microservices.
  • Deep knowledge of latest trends in software engineering best practices - code reviews, code quality, CI/CD, monitoring, multithreading and memory management.
  • Strong understanding of system performance and scaling.
  • Strong problem-solving, debug skill.


Inside our engineering team:

  • We iterate constantly. There‘s no such thing as the best version of anything, just a constant stream of improvements and tests.
  • We move fast, really fast. Major changes can be executed in a few days, many times just a few hours.
  • We have a data-informed mindset. We try to use data to inform our decision as much as possible.
  • We are independent. Most of the time, your team will not need technical assistance from other teams.
  • We take risks. We‘re not afraid to challenge "best practices".

Our attractive offers include:

  • Open communication with passionate and experienced members
  • Challenging working environment
  • Easy access to the library with tons of startup, product, UX, coding... books.
  • Private healthcare insurance
  • Annual health check-ups
  • Special internal programs for Tikiers when shopping on (free ship TikiNow service, discount...)
  • Internal events to bond our mutual understanding & spirit such as team building, team outing, Tiki‘s birthday, year-end party...
  • New & beautiful office with a pantry room (with bar), entertainment & gymnastic equipment, yoga rooms, a library and an open space facilitating cross-department communication
  • Competitive salary and performance review

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Salary: Negotiation

Location: Hà Nội, Hồ Chí Minh

Team: TNSL Engineering

Application deadline: 08/01 — 28/02/2022