Product Manager, Retail IQ

Ngày đăng tuyển: 27/01/2021 Về trang chủ Tuyển Dụng

About Retail IQ

Retail IQ team at Tiki focuses on enabling Tiki’s 1P business to optimally answer these basic questions in order to profitably grow the business:

  • What to sell?
  • Where to sell?
  • How much to sell?
  • What price to sell at?
  • What promotions to offer and when?

The Retail IQ team works on building intelligent products using data and smart technology to directly impact the decision-making on above key questions. The team needs a really strong product member who is self driven, comfortable with ambiguity and has an analytical / data driven approach to solve complex problems with great impact.

About Product at Tiki

You will be the owner of the problems assigned to you and you will decide how they get solved while ensuring a great customer experience. 

What will you do?

  • Do deep dive (quantitative/qualitative) to understand the problems assigned to you (or you identify) and plan well-rounded solutions based on this understanding
  • Convince about the proposed solutions with evidence - to seek buy-in/support
  • Understand both the controllable and uncontrollable factors related to your solutions and identify a risk mitigation plan for them to still deliver what is needed
  • Work with multiple stakeholders on a day to day basis to manage your own as well as their expectations related to the solutions being built
  • Define a long term plan with a clear end goal and also define short term goals for moving towards the ultimate goal - with clearly defined success metrics to measure product performance and be objective about the results
  • Learn whatever is needed to do what is expected of you

What will you need?

  • 3+ years industry experience in product or similar roles
  • Customer obsession: always start from ‘customer’ to understand their problems/needs and to be the customers’ advocate and always bring the focus on their needs.
  • Ownership: understands well that any issue with the product (strategy/communication/design/technical/service) that impacts the customer experience is your problem and you need to know always what is the next step to solve it
  • A structured approach to break a complex/ambiguous problem into smaller pieces and can then work on solving the smaller elements individually. Can well define an MVP (for ‘proof of concept’ or ‘go to market’) by picking the most impactful features first. You may not always get the priorities right but gets them right more often than not
  • Humble: a ‘keep learning’ attitude and does not shy away from doing ground research (talk to customers, learn from competitors, check customer complaints) with the hope of finding new insights to improve customer experience.
  • Understands technology enough to be able to design a high-level flow of technology solutions, understands the overall process of development, testing and the release cycle, can discuss technical corner cases of anomaly values with stakeholders
  • Excellent problem-solving, organizational and analytical skills