(Senior) Activation Specialist

Ngày đăng tuyển: 07/12/2020 Về trang chủ Tuyển Dụng


This role will own the vision for driving Tiki Customer Activation and must inspire and influence senior leaders and stakeholders across internal and external teams to achieve the goal

Key/Core responsibilities:

Report to Growth PMO Lead, you will responsible for:

  • Design, manage and implement customer acquisition planning & execution to ensure that objectives are met to maximum efficiency
  • Develop recommendations to acquire new customers through different platform (desktop and mobile), including creative and messaging strategy
  • Work with Products/Dev teams to ensure the users experience is as frictionless as possible and make recommendations to improve the conversion rates/ click through rate at each step of the user flow
  • Monitor the operation & budget of programs
  • Provide program updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders: strategy, adjustment and detailed schedule to measure effectiveness of the initiatives
  • Deliver business insights to identify areas for improvement and scaling


  • 4-5 years of experience in Project Management, Marketing or any related analytical field required
  • High proficient in Excel
  • Excellent communications skills (written and oral) to drive recommendations, articulate tradeoffs, and communicate plans to senior executives
  • Ability to work across channels and juggle a range of projects teams, balancing quality and speed
  • Curiosity and drive to learn new thing in fast-pace environment
  • Sense of humor and fun to work with!

If you are interested in this job, please send your CV through the email: careers@tiki.vn with title : Position - Name or apply at this link  . Thank you!