Senior Manager/Director, Business Planning & PMO

Ngày đăng tuyển: 30/12/2020 Về trang chủ Tuyển Dụng


This is a position that can:

  • Drive business forward with precise planning, tough discipline and dictate the decision with strong data-driven reasoning
  • Drive new initiatives execution for the whole business unit
  • Be translated into multi-million US dollar impacts on the company
  • Help leaders drive business and cross function collaboration with informed decisions & operation excellence

Key/Core responsibilities:

Report to VP of Marketplace, you will responsible for:

  • Collaborate with leaders to drive annual, quarterly and monthly business planning and drive the execution across marketplace team from categories, operations, product and tech and cross functional team such as growth, logistics v.v
  • Find out new opportunities to drive business growth, market entry strategy for new segments and optimize efficiency of current businesses.
  • Main person in charge in the new program initiatives to grow new businesses, new program to help merchants and customers and collaborate with all related team to drive output of these programs
  • Participate and be the main person to work with strategic commercial partnership and assist leaders to work cross function to drive strategic partnership negotiation and execution
  • Design, drive, monitor and improve the operation & budget of strategic programs. You will be the main person in charge for the output of the program
  • Provide program updates on a consistent basis to various stakeholders: strategy, adjustment and detailed schedule
  • Deliver market and business insights to identify areas for improvement and scaling
  • Assist leaders to conduct reporting, analysis and planning to improve business performance on daily operations.


  • +5 years of experience in Finance, Project Management, Consulting, Management Accountant or related field required. MBA or E-commerce background is a plus
  • High proficient in Planning, Analytics and Project Management. Proven track record is a must.
  • Curiosity and drive to learn new thing in fast-pace environment
  • Entrepreneur Mindset to figure out opportunities and drive execution in fast-changing environment

If you are interested in this job, please send your CV through the email: with title : Position - Name or apply at this link . Thank you!