Software Engineer Intern – Retail IQ

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About Engineering at Tiki

Engineering at Tiki is all about developing well rounded technologists. Technologists who are not only hands on architects/programmers but also product builders. Engineers who also understand customer needs and business strategy first hand. Our growth will expose you to building architectures that use next gen technology. Our scale of data and customer base provide the opportunity for you to innovate using AI and learning. Problems you will solve on a day to day basis are first of its kind for a developing ecommerce market. Engineering at Tiki is a career building opportunity. 

About Retail IQ

Retail IQ team at Tiki focuses on enabling Tiki’s 1P business to optimally answer the fundamental but tough questions in order to profitably grow the business:

  • What to sell?
  • What price to sell at?
  • Where to sell?
  • How much can we sell?
  • What promotions to offer and when?

The Retail IQ team works on building intelligent products using data and technology. The team needs strong engineers who are self driven, comfortable with ambiguity and have an analytical / data driven approach to solve complex problems.

Our consideration criteria?

  • Third-year or final-year students able to work full-time, or fresh graduates
  • Excellent academic performance is an advantage
  • Full-time only for 6 months 

What will you need?

  • Strong fundamental knowledge of data structure / algorithm
  • Proficient with at least 1 programming language (Python / Go lang / Java)
  • Prior practical projects implemented with tangible results is preferred
  • Familiarity with non-relational & relational databases (SQL, MySQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, etc) and writing complex SQL queries is an advantage
  • Attitude for critical thinking and problem solving
  • Strong will to learn and comfortable with handling ambiguity

What will you do?

  • You will work on challenging problem(s) that have direct impact on Tiki’s growth and better customer experience
  • You will design, develop, integrate and maintain technology solutions from scratch to solve these complex problems - working with smart / experienced engineers
  • Work in a microservices setup

During the period of your internship, you will work on solving problems using technology to help make following 3 decisions:

  • Pricing decision: When making an online purchase, buyers compare products across different sellers / platforms and product price is  a key factor for this comparison. So, price is one of the most important decisions that a platform / seller can make to determine the sales of their products. The pricing related projects focus on building intelligent products using data and smart technology to directly impact this decision either manually or automatically
  • Selection decision: For any ecommerce - having good selection coverage (that customers want / need) is the first step to ensure a good customer experience. And having a finite working capital - making sure the Tiki’s retail business chooses the best brands / products to sell is one of the most important financial decisions that determines the health of Retail business. Selection related projects will focus on building smart products that suggest the brands/products the business should focus the most for selling on Tiki (to reduce the risk of non selling products in the warehouse)
  • Promotions decision: Promotions / campaigns influence customer behavior and help businesses grow their sales. However given the huge # of products being sold and the fixed amount of promotion budget, many difficult choices need to be made - such as - which products need promotion the most? What kind of promotion will work? How long should the promotion run? etc. need to be made on a daily basis so the promotions budget is utilized in the most optimal way. Promotions related projects focus on utilizing historical and present data combined with technology to answer these questions.

If you are interested in this position, please APPLY HERE or send your CV to email: Thank you!